Legal, Safe, and Profitable Seller / Owner Financing Strategies and Techniques

Learn How To Benefit From The Coming TIGHTER Credit Market ● Dodd-Frank Act Implementation Effects

Seller financing is a very powerful tool in a tight credit market. It allows sellers to move a home faster and get a sizable return on their investment. And buyers may benefit from less stringent qualifying and down payment requirements, more flexible rates, and better loan terms on a home that otherwise will be out of reach.

It is predicted that Seller/Owner Financing as a financing option will explode with the implementation of the 'Dodd-Frank Act". This legislation will very likely change the conventional real estate market in a very negative and dramatic way! Upon implementation, "Dodd-Frank" will likely (further) reduce the (already beleaguered) seller's ability to sell their home by imposing highly restrictive loan qualification requirements on buyers, further deepening an already VERY TIGHT CREDIT MARKET!

So to the savvy sellers, buyers, and real estate professionals (RMLO, Realtor®, and Investor) willing to learn more about owner financing: This year will be one of many years that will yield limitless opportunity to fill this rapidly expanding vacuum that will be created by the effects of "Dodd-Frank" and the associated fallout. Action NOW will be rewarded with increased profits, commissions, fees and for the buyers that have been here-to-fore excluded from home ownership; you will be able to move your family into your own home while strengthening your credit - with no bank, huge down-payment or highly restrictive credit requirements!

Sellers willing to take on the role of the 'banker' today represent only a small fraction of all sellers -- typically less than 10%. That's because most sellers don't adequately understand the benefits and mechanics of seller financing which in turn, negatively magnifies the legal, financial, and logistical hurdles. But that will change fast when sellers LEARN to take the right precautions, how to get the right professional advice and by fully understanding owner financing strategies and techniques.

With Our Help: SELLERS can reduce the inherent risks, demand 'top dollar' and sell their property fast! BUYERS can escape the 'rent trap' and move their families into their very own home! REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALS can make more money by writing more loan applications (RMLO), representing more clients (Realtor®), and building a strong investment portfolio (Investor)!

LEARN MORE about how you as a seller, buyer, or real estate professional can benefit while others struggle! We have PROVEN Success!

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