Seller / Owner Financing Opportunities For The Real Estate Professional

Learn How To Benefit As An ● Investor ● RMLO ● Realtor® ● Attorney ● CPA ● From The Effects of Dodd-Frank

During a Seller / Owner Financing transaction, both the buyer and seller will likely need an attorney or a real estate agent -- perhaps both -- or some other qualified professional experienced in seller financing transactions to write up the contract for the sale of the property, the promissory note, and any other necessary paperwork. But under Dodd-Frank it is a certainty that the deal will not be completed correctly without the services of an RMLO (Residential Mortgage Loan Originator).

Investors, RMLOs, CPAs, Real Estate Agents and Attorneys who embrace Seller Financing will be the beneficiary of incredible business growth! Our team of Seller Financing experts work with Real Estate Professionals around the country providing education, coaching and lead generation! We will walk you through the process to help you identify ways you can benefit from the coming Seller Financing tsunami.

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